Sunny Days Pre-School

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Sunny Days Pre-School uniform policy

You may be aware that our current uniform supplier Tesco Direct ceased trading on 9th July. As as result we are currently working closely with a number of companies to source a new range of uniform products which are affordable and durable. We will update parents with this as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your patience

At Sunny days we do recognise that all children are individual and unique; however a uniform does have benefits for children. Children take pride in being part of a community and as such having the chance to wear a uniform can help children to feel secure and like they belong. Having a uniform also helps prepare children for their day with us. When a child puts on their uniform or picks up their book bag it is a clear indication for them that it is time for them to come and play! This makes the transition from home to pre-school a easier process. Parents are able to select a T-shirt, hoodie or sweater and a book bag.

Therefore we have selected several items of uniform that you as a parent can choose to purchase for your child to wear at their time in the pre-school. The items selected have been chosen as they are of high quality and are very reasonably priced. You are able to order and select the uniform you would like (we have provided several options). Once you have selected your items you are able to order and the uniform will be sent direct to your home without any postage costs. For every item of uniform that you purchase Tesco donate 5% to our pre-school to help in our fundraising efforts. Please note we have been advised that the t-shirts are of a small size therefore please ensure that you have selected a suitable age range for your child using the guides.

As of September 2016, pre-school uniform has become compulsory. If any parent however has any financial difficulties with purchasing these items they should speak to the manager in the first instance and arrangements can be put in place for families genuinely in hardship.