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Kids Blowing Bubbles


At Sunny days we do recognise that all children are individual and unique; however a uniform does have benefits for children. Children take pride in being part of a community and as such having the chance to wear a uniform can help children to feel secure and like they belong. Having a uniform also helps prepare children for their day with us. When a child puts on their uniform  it is a clear indication for them that it is time for them to come and play! This makes the transition from home to pre-school a easier process. 


You are able to order and select the uniform you would like (we have provided several options). Once you have selected your items you are able to order and these can be collected at the pre-school (please note from order we usually receive items within 21 days)

Items can be ordered directly through clare or richard below, please state the items, quantities and sizes required within this email. Items will be invoiced for payment on receipt of your order.

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