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The Answers You Need

No question is too small. We recognise parents are apprehensive when their children first begin pre-school so we are here to help make it easier

What age do you take children from?

We take children from day they turn 2, parents are not required to wait until the term after their 2nd birthday. However any funding that parents may be eligible for will not come into effect until the term after they turn 3.

Anxious about your Child Starting?

Please don't worry we work alongside parents prior to the child's start date to arrange a settling in period adjusted to each child. Parents are able to visit, stay for an initial settling in visit where you will spend time with your key person. Sessions are reduced at first to allow your child time to adjust to the change and learn to trust the staff; only then do they increase to their full hours.

How do i know if if and when i am entitled to funding at the pre school?

Please visit our fees and funding page for all the links and details you will need. If you are still unsure we are here to help

Please reach out if their question wasn’t included or addressed in the information provided. We would be happy to help!

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